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Ancient Coins
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AG and S Gillis
Well organized British site specializing in Anglo-Saxon coinage. Indexed catalog with images and detailed ordering information.
Akropolis Ancient Coins
Located in Arnold, MD Akropolis offers a selection of Greek, Roman, Judean, and Byzantine ancient coins.
Alex G. Malloy, Inc
Dealer in ancient and medieval coins and antiquities offers catalog sales and auctions.
Explanation of the Trajan predecessor to the modern welfare program.
Ancient Coin Market
Fee newsgroup allows posts for coins sales, want lists, and trading. Registration and email contact.
Ancient Coin Specialist - Edward J. Waddell
Maryland coin expert showcases ancient coins, cases, terms of sale, and company information.
Ancient Coins
John and Jacqui present coins for sale, mystery coins, obverse legends, and brief histories of emperors.
Ancient Coins
News and sale items related to ancient coins, cleaning and preservation tips, and metal resources.
Ancient Coins at the Museum of Antiquities
Describes and displays the Roman, Greek, and Medieval coin collection at this Saskatchewan, Canada museum.
Ancient Greek World - Coinage
University of Pennsylvania Museum presents a look at the trade of coins in ancient Greece.
Ancient Realms
Collector offers a price list and images of coins from the Celtic and Byzantine civilizations. Send an email to inquire about availability.
Ancient Roman Coins
Big Board posts Roman coin collections, offers advice on collecting, coin rarity, and brief history of Rome.
Ancient Treasure Coins
Virginia-based company sells artifacts and coins of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods. Place orders and use the guide to Roman rulers.
Ars Numismatica
Historical and archeological approach to numismatics includes articles, bibliography, photos, and links.
Art's Ancient Coins
Resource for ancient coin collectors offers educational information, galleries, essays, and articles on numismatic topics.
Atocha Treasure Coins - New World Treasures
Dealer offers Atocha coins and silver bars recovered from Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a Spanish ship that sunk near the Florida Keys in 1622.|60653348;g=z/http://www.atochatr...
Augustus 45
View images and descriptions of ancient Greek and Roman coins from this enthusiast. Includes historical information and various poems.
Barry and Darling Ancient Coins
With locations in the East and West coasts, this dealer offers ancient coins hailing from ancient civilizations throughout the world.
Calgary Coin Gallery
View the collection of ancient Roman and Greek coins offered by this dealer. Also offers a convention schedule and various antiques.
CampGate Ancient Coins
Ancient coin dealer presents his selection of Greek and Roman coins, terms and conditions, and links.
Celtic Coins
Collector offers an evolution of the Celtic coin. Read a history about the images pictured on several coins, or find a list of coins for sale.
Chinese Coins and Charms
Collector offers images and descriptions of ancient Chinese and Japanese coins. Includes a guide demonstrating how to classify certain coins.
Coins of Arethusa
Read this reference guide focusing on the ancient coins of the Syracusan civilization. Includes a history about the images found on their coins.
Dealer located in San Diego offers ancient coins from the Roman, Celtic, and Egyptian civilizations. Also offers numismatic jewelry.
Copper Penny
Find ancient coins from the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations from this dealer located in Connecticut. Send an email to place a bid.
Dan's Virtual Coin Collection
Collector offers images of coins from the ancient civilizations of Greece, Syria, Rome, and Persia. View current coins from a particular country.
Located in Minnesota, this dealer offers a variety of ancient coins from the Greek and Roman civilizations. Receive information via email.
Dead Sea Scrolls - Coins
Find images from ceramic vessels filled with coins at the Qumran excavation site.
eBay - Ancient Coins
Find a selection of ancient coins from around the world up for auction.|60290051;g=z/http://www.qksrv...
Edgar L Owen Gallery
Located in New Jersey, this dealer offers a variety of ancient Greek and Roman coins. Subscribe to receive notifications of sales via email.
ELA Coin & Stamp Auctions
Comprehensive dealers' site offering retail sale of coins and stamps. Includes auction information and schedules.
Empire Coins
Specialists in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and biblical coins and related books present email contact, terms, and auctions.
Forum Ancient Coins
Browse the catalog of Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Judean coins. Dig through the bargain bin, find collector's links, and learn how to order.
Forum Ancient Coins
Browse the catalog of Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Judean coins. Collectors can dig through the bargain bin and read articles about ancient coins.
Forvm Ancient Coins
View a catalog of ancient Roman, Byzantine, and Biblical coins. Click on a title to view coin images and descriptions.
Globes on Ancient Coins
Michael E Marotta presents an essay on the philosophic inquiry into the roundness of the world and its relation to the coin.
Guy Clark's Ancient Coins
Explore this dealer's extensive collection of ancient and contemporary coin and currency. Purchase and trade online.
Hai-Ning's Chinese Numismatics Links
Browse links to 23 pages dedicated to Chinese numismatics or coin collecting. Includes dealers, societies, and enthusiasts.
History and Numismatics
Collector offers images of coins from the Byzantine, Serbian, Venetian, and Trebizond empires. Find a history of the monarch who issued the coin.
J&J Coins
Buy or sell collectible coins, paper currency, ancient money and jewelry. Join a silent auction or browse by currency type.
James Beach Coins
View a catalog of available Greek and Roman coins from this collector. Call, or send a fax to inquire about availability.
Jean Elsen
Belgium dealer offers ancient coins from the civilizations of the Byzantines, Greeks, and Romans. Read articles about various ancient coins.
Jim's Medieval Coins
Homepage which displays the author's collection of medieval coins and also provides an essay on the grading of medieval coins.
Kenneth W Dorney
Classical numismatist serves collectors with online sales, auctions, and links.
Later Seleucids
David Barnsdale chronicles the coins and Seleucid Empire's role in ancient Roman history.
London Coin Galleries
Browse the ancient coin inventory, galleries, store locations, guestbook, and site map.
Malter Galleries
Specializes in ancient coins, antiquities, pre-Columbian and ethnic art,antiques, rare books, maps, and sports and movie memorabilia.
Mike R Vosper Coins
View this dealer's collection of ancient coins from the Roman, Scottish, Celtic, and Byzantine civilizations. Read a history about ancient coins. - Coins
Overview of Parthian coinage from the ancient empire of Persia. Coin charts, counterfeits, and hoard finds.
Pieces of Time
Coin sale and auction site offers a bookstore, ancient coin lessons, sale items, and want lists.
View a catalog of ancient Greek and Roman coins available from this organization. Includes advice regarding how to care for a coin collection.
Quadriga Ancients
Ancient Roman coins are presented for purchase. Catalog with images, bargain specials, grading guide, and collecting tips.
Robert G Lilly
Ancient coin collector in Charleston, WV presents his selection of Greek, Roman, and medieval coins up for auction.
Roman Coins and Artifacts
This site is a hobby page dedicated to collecting ancient coins and artifacts.
Sadigh Gallery Coins
Gallery of ancient artifacts from includes Egyptian, Greek, and Byzantine coins. Price listings, guaranty, and contact.
Sasanian Empire
History and coinage of the Sasanian empire includes references, kings, and minting authorities.
Sigma Ancient Coins
Authenticated coin dealer offers ancient Greek and Roman coins with history, updates, and mailing list.
Swan Ancient Coins
Find ancient coins from the civilizations of the Greeks, Byzantines, and Romans. Complete the form to submit an order.
Tregwynt Hoard
Introduction to the chance find by the Department of Archeology and Numismatics, including hoard catalog, story, and projects.

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